Don’t Just Practice Golf – Train to Get Better

GreatGolfAcademy trains you to be a better golfer in a way never seen before! Personalized training regimens, coaching from Master PGA Instructor Stephen Aumock, and support of a whole team of dedicated golfers just like you. You have to see it to believe it.

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Here’s How You Benefit

  • Get better at Golf with a focused training regimen

    Get better at Golf with a focused training regimen

    Golf is no different than other sports. If you want to make an effort to improve how you perform, you must specifically train to get better. We have focused training plans that will have you working on specific parts of your game on a weekly or even daily basis all designed by Master PGA Instructor Stephen Aumock. Sign on, pick your plan…and start getting better. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Save time and cut years off your learning curve.

    Save time and cut years off your learning curve.

    You will take years off your game by being able to accelerate at your own pace, get quick feedback, and get guidance at a pace not offered any where else. It’s as close to having a private coach as you can get without the cost. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Save Time and Money

    Save money

    This level of training and instructions was once only reserved for people with tons of time and typically tons of money. GGA’s unique training community will give you access to incredible coaching, tons of guidance, and an easy place to ask and find solutions to rough spots in your game. All of this for a fraction of private ‘lessons’. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Convienent - train when you want and bring your coach with you!

    Convienent – train when you want and bring your coach with you!

    You are a busy person. Long gone will be the days when you need to schedule your golf around your coach. You are in total control and can hit the course when you fit it in your schedule…not the golf pro. PLUS – you have the coach in your pocket. All our instruction and training plans are live on your smart phone. No more excuses, you can start getting better today! [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Total

    Total Golf Immersion

    GGA will become your home for all things golf! This is the perfect place when you want to escape away and talk about the sport you love so much. You will quickly be accepted to a new team where you can share information, take part in equipment and course reviews, give tips and pointers, and enjoy your new tribe of golfers. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

Tour the Great Golf Academy Features

  • Customized Training Dashboard

    Customized Training Dashboard

    Every time you sign into GGA you will have everything you need in one easy spot. Your workout of the day, a view of your weekly drills, and total plan overview. In addition you can take part in discussion with other people taking your same course or just have simple conversations about the sport you love. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Focused Training Plans

    Focused Training Plans

    With a growling library of training plans to choose from, your game will be constantly improving. Or maybe you need to just polish up a certain aspect of your game. No problem, just load up the plan and get to work. Each plan is loaded with specific guidance, video resources, and killer instruction. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Team Conversation

    Team Conversation

    You will be training with other just like you, taking the same course you are. We have made it super easy to keep conversations going whether its simple updates to the team, sharing photos of your favorite course, links to great articles, or just sharing tips

  • Q&A Forums

    Q&A Forums

    Need to get some more indepth feedback or ask coach about a specific drill? No problem…we have a forum for you. Training advice, playing tips, or equipment choices; its all in there. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Weekly Coach Chat

    Weekly Coach Chat

    Enjoy a weekly question and answer session with Stephen Aumock from the comfort of your own home. This level of access to a Master PGA Instructor at this price point is unheard and can not be found anywhere else in golf. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Specific Golf Social Groups

    Specific Golf Social Groups

    Tailor you experience even further by taking place in smaller groups built around specific subjects, niches, age groups, challenges or even just for fun. Not a group for you? No problem, its easy to create your own. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

  • Golf Training Smartphone App

    Awesome Smartphone App

    Your training sessions and lessons are always with you and available on your smart phone. On the course or out and about you will always be able to access your current training plan where you need it and when you need it. [button size=”small” color=”green” link=””]Free Trial[/button]

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